If you create your own handmade books, greeting cards, or enjoy scrapbooking you’ll want to check out these supplies. Waveland Studio has accumulated quite a lot of papers, threads, cloths, and other miscellaneous items, that could enhance your projects.
The supplies shown on this page are just examples of what we offer. Stock is limited and changes often so visit the studio to find unique supplies you can use.

Collage Packet

Collage Packets

A packet of collage papers includes decorative papers, antique book pages, joss paper, postage stamps, paste papers, and much more.

Woodland Textures main

Iowa Series Paste Papers

A guestbook for Iowa’s first lady, resulted in this design. A complex layering of pigments and steciling produced a paper reminiscent of a leafy forest floor, dappled with shots of golden sun.

sewing cradle

Collapsible Wooden Sewing Cradle

A sewing cradle is used to hold sections of folded paper during the process of punching holes for the sewing of the book.